As a contributing writer to the Better World Project (BWP), Mary captures the science and stories behind inventions that are successfully transferred from the research lab to the commercial market. BWP stories showcase blockbuster drugs and medical treatments as well as lesser known but highly impactful innovations developed by researchers at major academic institutions across North America. 

Mary has written more than 30 BWP stories showcasing the work of leading scientists and the entrepreneurs and businesses that bring their inventions to the commercial market. Each story requires extensive interviews with the lead scientist/researcher, the research institution and commercializer in order to chronicle the journey from idea to prototype and patenting to licensing and finally hitting the commercial market.


More than 30 Better World Report feature stories including:

  • Yervoy, a drug for metastatic melanoma, University of California, Berkeley and Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Antimalarial drug, University of California Berkley and Sanofi

  • Donor-patient matching assay for stem cell transplants, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Insight Genetics

  • Treatment for sickle cell disease, Virginia Commonwealth University and Baxter International

  • Soil-less plant multiplication, University of Washington and Phytelligence

  • Shade-tolerant Bermudagrass, University of Georgia Research Foundation and The Turfgrass Group

  • New cultivar of sweet potato, the Covington, North Carolina University

  • Radio tomography security systems, University of Utah and Xandem Technology.