Building your Digital Home

A professional and functional website is a business necessity—it’s the sign on the front door, a company brochure and ad campaign all rolled into a modern digital marketplace.

The MRH PR approach to website building is client-focused and business goal-oriented. Our goal is to capture and amplify the client’s brand—and move the needle on sales, inquiries and/or referrals. The process begins with a client interview and branding exercises to understand the needs of the business. Next we help client’s select a web development platform, hosting service, and domain provider. In our experience, entrepreneurs and small business owners often want web solutions that are easy to maintain, edit and update.

And then the magic happens. We create the site’s architecture, build out strategic content and select or create high impact graphics and images. Best-practices for web design guide our work: we strive for easy navigation, powerful and compelling photography and clean design. For us, less is more. And with half of all web browsing done on mobile devices today, we ensure our site design translates to the small screen.

Our clients say its an approach that works. Some choose to take over the reins once their website goes live—while others ask MRH PR for ongoing support. Take a look at our newest site for the venture development and consulting company Nexusist and reach out here to start a conversation with MRH PR about your website.